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Founded in 1992 as Micromedia Systems, Data Based Media, Inc. (DBMX) has specialized in developing highly interactive database systems, for both offline and online applications. Clients have ranged from established Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and insurance companies to Internet startups, and nonprofit organizations.

We have successfully conceived, managed, architected and developed projects within a broad range of disciplines:
  • Several Online Stores
  • Various Pharmaceutical Bibliographic Research systems
  • Insurance/Reinsurance Trading systems
  • Massive Online Historical Photo Management Database
  • Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Statistical Analysis System
  • Physiology of Cholesterol Simulation System
  • Tradeshow Interactive Kiosks
  • Educational Software
  • Online Matchmaking System
We always consult closely with our clients and end-users to determine requirements and available resources for the long term. Although the impulse would often be to build a project from scratch, we are keenly aware that the use of pre-built components will lower the development cost by orders of magnitude. And, if the client is amenable to the use of Open Source technologies, the development costs again drop dramatically.
Shared Universe
After years of developing commerce and trading systems, research tools, document management systems, content management systems, corporate communications intranets and extranets and educational systems, we got tired of developing original data models for each new project that came in the door. Consequently, we developed SharedUniverse as an Application Service platform.

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The look and feel of SharedUniverse is fully flexible. Applications may be built using the default branding and style guide, or may be built to adhere to a company's existing branding and color scheme, and be adapted to link seamlessly with a company's pre-existing website.

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